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Here at CPPS we are extremely passionate about Sustainability...

We established "The Patch" in 2017. As a school, we recognised a need for students to connect to the world around them through sustainability and recognise themselves as global citizens. A committed group of teachers and parents worked together to plan and build this wonderful area.

The area has grown and changed over time, much like the seasons, and has become embedded and significant to our whole school community. 

The Patch provides engaging and meaningful learning opportunities for students, with connections to Science and Technology, Mathematics, Writing and Visual Art. This special place is also used extensively as a reflective and wellbeing space for classes, small groups and individual students.

In 2018, our school's sustainability project continued to grow and flourish, while providing a myriad of learning and wellbeing opportunities. The gardening club tended to the vegetable gardens on a weekly basis and enjoyed harvesting the product to sell to members of the community, or to use as ingredients to make delicious lunchtime snacks. The chickens continued laying eggs which were then sold to Connells Point Public School families. Proceeds from the produce stalls and the egg sales were redirected into the sustainability project.

Sustainability at our school continued to expand in 2019 with the introduction of the recycling program, Citizen Blue. The school community collects return and earn recyclable containers and this earns funds for the school.

The Student Leadership Team of 2019 were given a major project to create an outdoor kitchen to enhance the use of “The Patch”. The students researched and contacted companies to source outdoor furniture, shelter and a barbeque. They collaborated on fundraising efforts including a bookstall, chocolate sales, a disco and raffle and led student teams for the annual Year 6 Fete. Thanks to their fantastic efforts, the whole school community is now able to enjoy shaded outdoor seating and cooking facilities.

We are also proud to say that we now have 5 huge compost bins for our garden. These bins create compost that will feed the garden beds. Our students are encouraged to place their recess and lunch fruit and veg scraps into the bins, and staff also bring their scraps in from home. As a community, we believe we are making a huge difference to the planet.

This year, we have continued to expand our commitment to sustainability with enhancements such as worm farms, a frog pond and the kids making home-made jam from our fruit trees. We have had the trees for a couple of years and they are finally producing fruit!

Early this year, Stage 1 used the area to attract insects through their science unit 'Living World' and grew beautiful insect attracting flowers. The students also hatched eggs to raise chickens as a part of the same science unit. 

We have recently increased the amount of garden beds to accomodate some new plants that were kindly donated by Mrs Bradshaw.