Connells Point Public School

"To be, rather than to seem."

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History of CPPS

The history of our school goes back to 1925 when it was realised there was a need for a school at Connells Point. A petition was sent to local residents and the names of intended pupils were gathered. This petition and a formal request was then sent to Mr Gosling M.L.A. through the Connells Point Progress Association. In 1926 two blocks of land were purchased at the cost of £275 each and in 1927 came the official approval for the school. Plans were completed in 1928. However, with the increase in the local population, it became obvious that these plans would need to be changed to meet the requirements of the area. The new plans were not completed until 1931, some eight years after the first application had been made.

The original building was brick and consisted of six classrooms with adequate space for 296 pupils and additional space for the principal and a staffroom. The total cost of the building was £4328.17.6 and funds came from the Unemployed Relief Funds.

When the school opened in 1934, there was no school bell and, being depression years,  there were none available, so a bell was donated by the local school at Hill End. The bell was erected in the school grounds by 1936. Today, this bell is still used on special occasions.

From here on, the school began to grow; more land was acquired, playing fields were developed and cricket pitches built. The school began to prosper and purchases such as books, heaters and wireless were made.

The growth continued, more classrooms were built and gardens were formed. A tuckshop began to operate and a small library was developed. In 1959, it was proposed that an assembly hall be built. This was done and the hall opened in 1961. The parents were able to raise £3000 whilst the government subsidised this with a £12,000 grant. In 1965, approval was given for six new classrooms to be built to form the Infants Department. In 1997, a new administration block was built and in 2009, a purpose-built Performing Arts Room was opened. In 2010, three new classrooms and a new library were constructed.

Times have changed dramatically since 1925 and the school has also changed in many areas, but the spirit that built the school and met the changing needs has always remained the same. Each step has been implemented by a caring community, and made possible by the strong and determined efforts of the parents and staff at the school throughout the years.

The primary motivation of Connells Point Public School, in every endeavour, has always been to benefit the children and to ensure that their years at Connells Point Public School are happy, and that the education they receive here will become a strong foundation on which to build their lives.