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Recent Stories from Connells Point Students

3/4 Red Nature Artwork

On Tuesday 16th June we did a special type of art. We did it using natural resources that we collected around the school. We collected leaves, twigs, flower petals, sticks and little acorns.

From that, we went inside and made magnificent animals with our imaginations. We had about 20 minutes to create our animals and put all of the materials back outside (so the room wasn't a mess!)

Our lovely teacher Mrs Merrin took pictures of our art - we hope you enjoy them!

From all the 3/4 Red Students


* Disclaimer: No trees were harmed in this project :)

kids playing

Exercise Trail

Last week Ms Shirley drew an exercise trail on the K-2 playground around the map of Australia.

Teachers and kids can make up exercises at each section like skipping, balance, bunny hops, heel-toe stepping and so much more.

Here are a few photos of the students in 1 Green & 1 Yellow testing it out!

Didital Technologies


Digital Technologies in Stage 3 Classes


Stage 3 have been investigating what makes a game good. We then made and played our own games.


Then we made and programmed robots. Out robots have to complete challenges to win more games.

Good News Story...

We received this email from Keith Hegarty last term. What a nice thing to offer for our kids.

Dear Colleague,

I hope I find you well in these exceptional times. Please find attached three short stories for your students. 

I am the author of the e-books and as such own the copyright. Please feel free to put them on your Library website and print copies if you desire.

I hope your students get as much enjoyment from reading the stories as I did in writing them for my grandchildren.

I donate them as I believe in the imagination and excitement of reading and that the ability to read is a primary skill required of every child. Yet this seems to be being lost in today’s modern household.

Thank you for your time. I wish your staff and school the best of luck during this terrible crisis.

Please all stay safe
Keith Hegarty

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