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"To be, rather than to seem."

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Therese Corben

On behalf of the staff of Connells Point Public School, I extend a very warm welcome to all who are part of our school community. We value the caring relationships that exist between students, staff and parents within this fine school and work hard to ensure that this continues to be the case.          

Your child's development and progress depend on many factors of which this school is just one. The partnership between home and school is crucial in maximising your child's progress. Your child's education should be seen as a co-operative project of home, school and community.

Schools today are more diverse in the range of curriculum and the expectations of the community than in the past and the staff of Connells Point Public School is committed to meeting this challenge. Our educational programs are focused on the development of all the attitudes, skills and knowledge that children need to cope effectively with the demands of living in our complex, changing society.

Learning how to acquire knowledge and how to adapt to new situations is central to all our curricula. The development of high level literacy and numeracy skills for all students is our core business, and takes highest priority. We are committed to providing the best learning experiences for our students, with the provision and expansion of technology throughout the school as a tool for quality teaching and learning.

Nonetheless, our commitment is to the development of the whole child. We see the development of positive values, strong social relationships, independence, confidence and self-esteem as the cornerstones on which successful learning for life is built. We provide many avenues for students to experience success and achievement, and to recognise the range of talents and abilities which our students possess.

I believe that public education is the greatest vehicle we possess for creating a tolerant, inclusive, just, equitable and enriched society. Thank you for choosing to entrust us with your child's education.  Our commitment is to assist each child to develop into a person of whom we, as parents and teachers, can be justly proud.

We welcome you into the community of Connells Point Public School and look forward to working with you in the years to come.


Mrs Therese Corben