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School Procedures

School Procedures

Our procedures help us to operate safely and efficiently, and reduce the opportunities for mistakes or
misunderstandings to occur. Some of the key areas where your support and cooperation make such a
difference, are listed below. It is important that all visitors to our school understand these procedures, so your help in making sure that people acting on your behalf – grandparents, aunties, neighbours, friends etc – are also fully aware of the procedures, would be most appreciated.

Please refer to the Information Book on the left side bar for an extensive alphabetical listing of information about our procedures. More detail about some of the key points below can also be found in the Information Book.

Please be aware that:

* There is no parent parking on school grounds.
* There is no pedestrian access for parents or children through the staff car park.
*  Adults must not use or enter children's toilet blocks. A toilet for adults and pre-schoolers is available  at the entrance to the library.
* Late arrivals must collect a note from the office before proceeding to class.
* Early departure notes must be obtained from the office before a child is collected from class.
* Safe driving and parking is required at all times in the vicinity of the school.
* There is no smoking at any time, or consumption of alcohol at events where children are present, on
   the school site.
*  All visitors and volunteers must wear a visitor's badge (available from the office).
*  Students are to be collected punctually at 3.25 p.m. Please call the office if you are delayed so that
   your child can be informed and instructed to wait for your arrival. Children should not wait in areas out
   side the school, where they are unsupervised.
* Only medication prescribed for an ongoing medical need will be given, if it complies with DEC policy and on completion of paperwork at the office. Apart from asthma puffers, children are not to keep any medication in their pockets or school bags.Short term medication (antibiotics, analgesics, drops, etc) will not be administered at school.
*  A written explanation is required for student absences. Written application is required for leave    totalling 50 days (previously 15) in a 12 month period for any one student. Forms are available from the office.
* Correct and complete school uniform is required for all students. A note should be provided if your
child is unable to wear correct uniform on a particular day.
* Payment of money should be directly by the student to the class teacher in a clearly labelled envelope,
detailing the student's name, class, amount enclosed and what payment is for. Money should be sent
to school on Monday to Thursday only.
* As a safeguard for students with peanut and other allergies, children are not to share food or purchase
food for others from the canteen.
* Please inform the office immediately of changes of address and/or telephone contact numbers. It is imperative that we can contact you quickly in the event of an emergency.
* Children are not to bring expensive items or toys to school. No responsibility can be taken for loss
theft or breakages of students' personal belongings.
* Mobile phones for students are strongly discouraged. If essential for safe travel to and from school,  they must be left at the office on arrival and collected by the student at the end of the school day.
* Parents may wish to consider private insurance and medical cover for students, as there is no DET
insurance scheme for accidental injury or lost or stolen items.
* Appointments to meet with teachers to discuss any aspect of your child's progress or development can
be made through the office, or via a note to the teacher.
* Students are not to be approached by other parents to resolve issues concerning their children. Any
concerns should be referred to teachers to address.
* No animals are to be brought on to school grounds.
* Primary students wishing to ride bikes or scooters to school must complete, and abide by, the Code of
Conduct to ensure their safety and that of others. Helmets must always be worn. No responsibility is    taken for the security of the bikes or scooters.
* Please observe the rules of the Pick Up and Drop Off Zone in Riverview Avenue.